Friday, February 3, 2012

Throw Away the X Label

Labels. Married, divorced, single, separated, or just confused.  The labels can make us happy, jumping for joy, or sad, searching for the right tone of blues to match the crazy foul mood.  More labels.  Traditional family; non-traditional family; broken family; single parent.  The "X" label.  This one doled out to the former spouse and his or her family with hexes on all of their futures.  So, you say, it's officially "ex" and not "X", but the point is, the word is a lot like "crackle" or "boom" as the word "ex" sounds like its  meaning, onomatopoeia for the slashing or crossing out or deleting of the once special someone from your life script.

But there are children of Xs, and surely, no one wants a hex on their futures.  Throw away the X label, in both thoughts and words, and you might understand that your former husband or wife wants to do something in the best interests of Susie and Johnny.  Throw away the X label and you might find yourself talking to your former husband or wife (who have first names) BEFORE they do that something with Susie and Johnny.  Throw away the X label, and that special something with Susie and Johnny could include you if you want it to.  Just a thought.